This spread sheet contains all the information and operations for a fire risk assessment according to the "FRAME"-method. The calculation basis is a single fire compartment; each building shall thus be divided in compartments. For each type of compartment a separate calculation is required, usually for the one that has evidently the highest risk potential.
Some cells and the info pages contain additional information about the meaning of the factor or the requested data. 
Yellow fields indicate input fields. This can be a direct users' input or a selection list linked to the info pages.
Green fields allow for inputs that can override other data.
To facilitate navigation through this model several buttons like the one below are added. These buttons are not visible when printed.
Everybody uses this program and the FRAME method on his own and only responsibility.  In no event will the author be provide any warranty either expressed or implied to the user. The user assumes the entire responsibility for the application of the method, its appropriateness, reliability and correctness of the data used, and for the conclusions derived from its application.
This program is only suitable for use by a person skilled in fire protection as complement and support of his professional judgement formed through learning and experience.
FRAME: Fire Risk Assessment Method for Engineering. Version 2008.004
This spread sheet has been developed in collaboration with VINCOTTE BELGIUM
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